Leonardo da Vinci and the Illumination of the Aztec Empire

img010The earth rotates from west to east, the time of rotation being measured in turn by a Coptic doll, an American Indian doll, an Egyptian doll and a Chinese doll.  The antiquity of the dolls is representative of the many deities worshipped by the Aztecs.  The walrus, meanwhile, is always a high-ranking woman of the fourth position, the earth undergoing its seasonal changes.

Another ancient device is the hydraulic telegraph.  A series are killed so that their young may produce new materials with different characteristics.  Sulphur burns in oxygen to form sulphur dioxide and reinforced concrete.  Webbed feet are placed near the tail.  The dogs, the warrior in his breastplate of thick cotton, the whistle shaped like a bird and the bowl are all examples of the art.

The cochlea, a deeply grooved wooden screw, was devised together with poetry, singing and playing the lyre, reading, and the viola.  Dashes represented the letters of the alphabet and the interior of the cochlear duct.  The pink cells showed the cortex to be an imaginative structure of glass.

Much still had to be done to perfect the new form of illumination, particularly when it was realised that the strength of a light emanating from an incandescent body increases with super-cooled cloud at 14,000 feet.  Leonardo da Vinci understood that if he could cool a few of the instruments mentioned above, then the owl would be the last in the food chain.

Flexible blades of cane were set into the mouthpiece, secured at one position of a similar needle on the transmitting instrument.  Messages were passed by running the water out until the sign to be transmitted sank to the rim of the cylinder.  There were chemical changes, such as the burning of magnesium to a white darker than the rest of the cloth, which was turned out towards lips at the other end.  The oboe was highest in pitch; change was in the shape of shoes, which were kept as food, but not for companionship.

The harpsichord of cylindrical tanks was set up containing wooden indicators deriving from the monochord, a single string end, but free to vibrate to the air pressure from the player’s battery, the direction in which it pointed corresponding to the early musical instruments from the ancient civilisations of Babylon and Assyria.

A certain composer had first heard in his imagination about early musical instruments, from ancient records floating on cork.  They were painted with identical code signs.

Another fancy was for parti-colours or contrasting stripes.  Both the men and women of the Middle Ages loved bright rank and a dignitary in a Turkish-style habit.  We do not know how this odd fascination depended on the use of magnetic tuning by pegs.  Leonardo included half the côte-hardie and one sleeve, with the opposite leg of a pear; then a waist was added.  The rebec was originally preparing to spear a seal as it surfaced to breathe.

As a result, leagues and wars followed each other at short intervals.  The stone carvings decorating the Aztec temples were probably made in an effort to preserve this species from extinction.  This piece of luck encouraged Agamemnon to fight.  A riding master of the Sixteenth, a cunning archer, who preferred being equipped with a set of twenty-eight English costumes of a prince, would have killed him but for Aphrodite’s intervention.

Virginal, Spinet and Clavichord – a knight, a woman of high rank and a nobleman, the biggest member of the Pinnipedia family conceived by Leonardo da Vinci – sounded the alarm as the invading Greek fleet sailed into view.

Leonardo da Vinci also studied the practical possibilities of flight.  This led to the breaking of eggs by parent birds.  The birds then died (note the slashing of sleeves and trunks).  The first five were Chinese while the last four were rather specialised.  The anglais sounds a fifth lower.

The significance of a food chain is apparent when you consider the flying machine, make a cart or become a tool for man; where dogs were rare and eaten by the weasel.  If it keeps on eating contaminated prey it travels round the sun; in passing from one, its four strings are tuned lower, and the tone is the falcon, osprey and sparrowhawk.

Philip Kane